How do you travel in a car with baby ?

The Bemini advice for stress free car rides with your little one !


✔ Choose a car seat adapted to the size and weight of the baby, and hook it correctly to the car seats.

✔ Regardless of the length of the journey, the baby must always be secured with the seat belts ! To protect it from friction, you can use our belt guards.

✔ Choose a Biside® blanket, especially designed to fit the car seats and quickly move the seat belts closer to your baby's body. Choose the model according to the season.

✔ Never leave your child alone in the car.

✔ Lock the doors of your car so that your child can not open the door from the inside

✔ Provide baby games, a cuddly toy, but also a water bottle, cookies or fruit and spare diapers.

✔ If you are leaving for a road trip, install baby comfortably by putting it in a Magicbag® sleeping bag that offers safety and wellness. Choose it according to the season and the size of your child.

✔ If the weather is hot, ventilate your vehicle in advance and protect the baby from the sun with the aid of a sun visor. If it's cold, warm up your vehicle in advance and cover your child with a warm, soft blanket.

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