D E  M U S T - H A V E S


Since your baby's birth!

Our list of essential items since the birth of your baby!


✔ A cot or crib with a firm mattress, covered with a soft cotton jersey sheet.

✔ A first-size Magicbag® sleeping bag, adapted to the season and the temperature of the baby's room.

✔ A changing table with a comfortable mattress with a soft absorbent cover. When travelling, a changing or "mommy's" bag is always useful with your baby's stuff.

 Bibs in bulk to protect clothing; baby eats several times a day, regurgitates and drools a lot. Think of the bandana-shaped bib that baby can wear all day to protect his clothes while being stylish.

✔ A stroller equipped with a maxicosi. It will also serve as a car seat for the first few months. For the well-being of your child, use the Biside® blanket specially designed to fit the car seats, nacelles and strollers.

✔ Birth pajamas with press buttons on the front to facilitate the change of your baby.

✔ A small birth hat to limit heat loss through the head.

✔ A night light to reassure your baby in the dark.

✔ A soft, fluffy playmat for a gentle awakening.

✔ A bath thermometer to ensure that the water is at a good temperature (37 ° C) and large and soft bathing cape to reassure and dry baby after bath time.


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